Stalking Night Shadows

Madonna Merced is a third generation shadow tracker who uses the latest techniques and equipment to investigate your home or business!

Compassion, Caring and Understanding. 

We start from the premise of belief when helping clients to determine if they have a haunting.

Madonna Merced

Shadow Tracker


Madonna Merced is a third generation shadow tracker and medium. Trained by her father she has been aware of the other side since the age of five. Madonna: "As a child, at the age of five, I had my first encounter with three full body apparitions." Madonna has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Land Use Planning, a Masters in Business. and started taking physics courses in 2016. Additionally, she was a protective services worker and was employed by a state children's agency for many years. Madonna is trained in investigative techniques and has worked side by side with police officers, juvenile court workers and the District Attorney's office. Documenting a case and then preparing the evidence was extremely important when investigating cases involving child abuse and neglect. Her training in investigative techniques is transferable and she uses it as part of her experience during paranormal investigations. .Madonna has completed over 70 paranormal investigations and consulted with over 45 clients regarding a possible haunting since forming BoOSSociety, (Believers of Oregon Spirit Society)  in 2009.

Madonna is committed to providing, those who are concerned about a possible haunting, with information so that they are able to make an appropriate decision on the course of action to take. She consults with clients and provides them with tools to document their concerns before bringing in professional paranormal investigators. Madonna does offer free online consultations however, if a client agrees to an investigation the rights to all material filmed and recorded become the property of Madonna Merced, BoOSS.

Motto: "No Fear!"
Ghosts are everywhere!